Welcome to the Mind The Data
Online Training Platform

The Mind The Data training platform is designed for business consultants. Its purpose is to provide business consultants with detailed and well-documented knowledge of various aspects regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which in turn they can directly use in supporting SMEs to become and remain GDPR compliant, and more importantly understand the benefits of a data protection culture!

The training material is presented along 3 Modules which are available in English, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish and Spanish. The Modules include both theoretical and practical, applicable content.

You can enter the platform for free by clicking ENTER TRAINING.


Before entering the Mind The Data platform we recommend reading the short guidelines by clicking READ THE GUIDELINES.

By clicking DOWNLOAD THE HANDBOOK, you can download and read the Mind The Data Handbook, which is further supporting consultants, but also VET trainers who train business consultants in the first place, in using the training Modules in the most effective way. The Handbook has the role of a ‘consultant/trainer’ companion and is also available in English, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish and Spanish.